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Reading the Baseball Board


By Tom Wilkinson


sports bettors that bet baseball at casino sportsbooks will notice the board appears somewhat different from the football board in which they bet on their football picks with. sports bettors that bet on baseball will find that it is a moneyline-oriented sport. To put it another way the sports betting odds boards of sportsbooks and online sportsbooks do not use pointspreads but rather the moneyline and, as is the case with football, totals, which are also know as over/under sports betting odds.

Pitching is such a critical part of baseball and sports handicapping the baseball sports betting odds that the online sports betting board and sportsbook board will list the scheduled starting pitchers next to the team that they pitch for. The sports bettor will need to check the rules of the sports gambling house or casino sportsbook that he makes sports wagers on baseball games at because in some cases if one of the starting pitchers fails to start the game, the game may be declared “off the board” or “no action” by the online sports betting site or casino sportsbook which means that the sports bettors would get their money back. That is not always that case, however, depending on the rules of the sports gambling house or sportsbook. If a sports bettor wants to ensure that he will only have action (have his bet count) if a certain specific pitcher starts he must specify that to the sportsbook or, when possible, the sports gambling house. Conversely a sports bettor can also declare to many sportsbooks and online sportsbooks that he wants action regardless of the starting pitchers if he isn’t concerned with the pitching angle and related sports betting odds of a baseball game.

If a sports bettor lost on a baseball sports betting wager he should check to see if the scheduled starting pitchers did, indeed, start.

Baseball sports betting odds do have one feature similar to a football pointspread, which is known as the run line. The run line is a form of sports betting odds on baseball posted by sportsbooks and online sportsbooks in which a sports bettor can either lay or take 1.5 runs along with adjusted money lines on a team. If Oakland was a -170 favorite a sports bettor may get them in a run line at -1.5 -110 on the online sports betting board as an alternative sports betting option.









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