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Finding Clean and Secure Online Sportsbooks


By Tom Wilkinson


If you are a new sports bettor and somewhat unsure or uncomfortable about online sports betting regarding the aspects of its legitimacy or reliability, you can put those cares and concerns aside as the online sports betting industry has never been more secure or reliable that it is today.

It is undeniable that in the infancy of online sports betting there were some shady and unreliable online sportsbooks that popped up, which gave the entire online sports betting industry a black eye and mixed reputation years ago. Those days are long since gone, however, as the online sports betting industry is strictly regulated now both within and outside with vigorous consumer protection groups that ensure the integrity of online sportsbooks. The very fact that online sports betting is enjoying a literal EXPLOSION in growth, business and new sports betting clients speaks to the good reputation that online sports betting now enjoys within the sports betting community.

Today it is easy for a potential, prospective or current online sports bettor to do research in order to find out about the best and most reliable online sportsbooks. There are countless blogs put out by sports bettors themselves which rate the various online sportsbooks and the fierce competition within the online sports betting industry itself polices wrong doing and protects the online sports bettor.

The vast majority of today’s online sportsbooks are financially strong and viable and obsessed with customer service and pleasing their online sports betting clients. Today’s online sportsbooks are run by experts in the sports betting industry, many of whom cut their sports betting career teeth in Las Vegas casino sportsbooks. These seasoned Nevada professionals are experts not only at running a sports betting casino sportsbook but also experts at what today’s sports bettor demands and expects from an sports gambling house.

Las Vegas professional sports bettor Eric commented, “The difference between online sports betting and sports betting as Las Vegas sportsbooks is like night and day. The online sports betting sites will go out of their way to give me what I want compared to the Vegas sportsbooks, which are becoming near hostile to us (sports bettors).”









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