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How Sportsbooks Make Money


By Tom Wilkinson


online sportsbooks and casino sportsbooks make most of their money NOT from posting a odds that attract equal amounts of sports betting action on both sides, but rather from sports betting odds and a sports betting line that attracts a disproportionate amount of sports betting activity on one side, (lopsided sports betting odds), from unsophisticated sports bettors that fall into the trap set by the sports odds makers and online sportsbooks and sportsbooks.

Managers of casino sportsbooks and online sportsbooks try and achieve a profit that is BETTER than what is called the theoretical hold percentage which is the amount of sports betting money and profit that an sports gambling house or casino sportsbook would theoretically make with equal sports betting action on BOTH sides of a odds posted on their boards.

sports odds makers, along with online sportsbooks and casino sportsbooks will often think like “wise guys”, “sharps”, and professional sports bettors by sports handicapping a game in a way in which they believe the general sports betting public, (unsophisticated sports bettors), will bet. To put it another way, online sportsbooks and casino sportsbooks will try and set the sports odds up so that they will draw in a disproportionate amount of unsophisticated sports betting activity from the masses of asses on the side of the game that the sportsbook or sports gambling house rate as LESS LIKELY to win. Yes, dear sports bettors, sportsbooks and online sportsbooks set traps!

“As difficult and distasteful as it is, a successful professional (sports betting) gambler must get into the moronic minds of the ignorant sports (betting) fan that loves the Dallas Cowboys or Notre Dame and guess how far he will go to bet on those teams,” said Eric, a Las Vegas professional sports bettor that bets both at sportsbooks and at online sportsbooks.

“The better one understands the mentality of losers, the better one can then feel about picking the right (odds) price to oppose them, often to profit,” Eric added. “It actually is fun to stand alone against this crowd (unsophisticated sports bettors)!”









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