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Online Sportsbook Betting Has Its Benefits


By Tom Wilkinson


Online sports betting not only offers a sports bettor more convenience, reliability, options, features and services not found when dealing with an illegal sports betting bookmaker or even a Las Vegas casino sportsbook, but also offer sports bettors a much better sports betting line “shopping” opportunity in which a sports bettor can check out several different online sportsbooks to find for himself the best sports betting odds. For old Las Vegas professional sports bettors that used to have to “pound the pavement” along the strip running from sportsbook to sportsbook in search of the best line, clicking a mouse from their home computers is a helluva lot more convenient way to shop for the best sports odds and has turned a lot of losses and pushes into wins and profits for their bankrolls, which they then build on with more online sports betting success.

online sportsbooks give today’s sports bettor a level of freedom and choice that was unimaginable just a few years ago when sports betting was a choice between a flight to Las Vegas or Reno, Nevada or the crap shoot of illegal sports betting bookmakers.

online sportsbooks are in serious competition with one another and this competition creates a climate of customer service and advantages for online sports bettors. In addition, sports bettors can make online sports wagers on more obscure sports and teams along with sports betting “props” and halftime sports wagers that the old traditional sports betting bookmaker simply could not handle. If variety is the spice of life online sportsbooks offer the sports bettor a buffet of sports betting options that rivals or even surpasses anything that Las Vegas can offer.

One of the bigger disappointments with many of today’s Las Vegas based sports bettors is the utter gutlessness of many Las Vegas based casino sports books in their fright of handling a lot of today’s sports betting action. That is certainly not the case at online sportsbooks, however, who will damn near take any type of sports betting wager that you can think of.

“I don’t even make (sports wagers) in Vegas anymore,” said Don, a Vegas pro. “Online sports betting is the only way to go.”









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