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Reading the Sports Board


By Tom Wilkinson


When a sports bettor enters a Nevada casino sportsbook or an sports gambling house, the first thing he will notice is what is commonly referred to as “the board.” The board is somewhat of a throwback sports betting term that is from back in the days in which a chalk board would list all of the sports betting odds and the sports betting line on each game of a particular day at a sports betting parlor. Modern Nevada sportsbooks now have computerized boards that are easy to read and with sports betting odds that frequently fluctuate. The “board” of an sports gambling house also fluctuates and can be viewed by a mouse click or by scrolling up and down at the sports gambling house’s sports betting odds page/section.

One of the first features that a sports bettor will notice is that the board, regardless if it is at a casino sportsbook or sports gambling house, is organized by each sport in action that day with the sports betting odds posted by each game. Depending on what time of year it is a sports bettor may have his choice of sports betting on several different sports at online sportsbooks or casino sportsbooks. October, for example, offers sports bettors college and pro football sports betting odds and in addition to that a sports bettor can get a sports betting line on pro hockey, baseball, NASCAR auto racing, golf, boxing, and sometimes even basketball. The typical sports gambling house or casino sportsbook will organize these different sports and games in these sports by number.

When a sports bettor decides to make a sports betting wager on a team in a game he will click that team’s number on the sports betting board at the sports gambling house or say “I want team 5”, (for example), rather than say “I want the Dallas Cowboys.” In this example, the sports gambling house and casino sportsbook would have Dallas listed as the number 5 team in the sports betting odds posted on the board. There are occasions that sports bettors should know of in which a team may be a different number at different sportsbooks or different online sportsbooks.

online sportsbooks and casino sportsbooks offer all kinds of odds and proposition bets, (AKA “props”), to sports bettors on their sports betting odds boards as well.









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