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The Art of Sports Odds Making


By Tom Wilkinson


The sports betting odds are made by a group of self described “sports junkies” who have forgot more sports and sports betting than all of the morons on ESPN combined could ever hope to know. The sports betting odds makers very job is to know sports inside and out as they must put together a sports betting line that attracts sports betting action to both sides of a game for either it’s side or over/under for sports bettors at casino sportsbooks.

Sports betting odds making is both an art, and science. Sports betting odds making is cold mathematics but also a feel for the game in question and the sports betting public’s perception of it as public perception is as important, if not more so, than the actual merits of the teams that a sports betting odds maker makes a sports betting line on.

Many sports betting odds makers will use a combination of power ratings and their own gut feel when making a football sports betting line. Pro football is considered much more of a “public” sports betting venture as casual sports betting fans will make sports wagers on pro football
At casino sportsbooks while ignoring the other sports betting opportunities offered from other sports at their sportsbook or sports gambling house.

Sports betting odds makers take such sports betting odds making on college football and pro basketball totals far more seriously and mathematically as professional sports bettors tend to concentrate on the sports betting lines of those sports betting opportunities.

The sports betting odds makers will get together in a conference room and hash out their thoughts on the potential merits of sports betting odds and the sports betting line on a particular game. The line is then sent off to whatever sportsbooks and online sportsbooks are aligned with the sports betting odds makers that set these sports betting odds.

From there the “wise guys” get first crack at the sports betting odds and then the sports betting line is adjusted to reflect the wise guys sports betting acts and then the general sports betting public gets to make its sports wagers from that point on at online sports betting sites or sportsbooks.









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