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Bankroll Brainpower
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Bankroll Brainpower

Regardless of your experience as a poker player, whether you are a newbie or veteran of Texas holdem, and no matter if you play online poker, in person at a casino poker table, or both, the way that you manage your bankroll and the intelligence with which you utilize it is every bit as important as your fundamental poker skills and overall Texas holdem abilities. A poker player that is an expert at Texas holdem is still a worthless loser if he cannot manage his bankroll.

Although poker bankroll management is of paramount importance, regardless of a Texas holdem player’s experience and skill level, it is even more important for the beginning Texas holdem player.

Part of poker bankroll management is finding the right poker games, which have the right blind amounts and affordability for a Texas holdem player. One of the most obvious and yet true poker rules of thumb is that a Texas holdem player cannot afford to play in poker games that are beyond his true bankroll limit, or to put it another way, to be in over his head at the poker table. One of the beauties of online poker is that it offers a Texas holdem player virtually unlimited choices of poker games, one of which will be the right fit for his bankroll.

One of the more obvious poker rules of thumb is that the bigger the amounts that a Texas holdem player plays for, the bigger potential reward but also the bigger the risk factor. Ultimately a poker player must strike a balance between low risk poker games with blind amounts of literally pennies to the big time poker games with huge blinds.

Part of a Texas holdem player organizing his poker bankroll is just that, organizing. A poker player must prepare and thoroughly analyze his bankroll before entering any poker games. Part of bankroll organization is an honest assessment by a Texas holdem player as to how easily he can replenish his bankroll when he loses and what his “comfort zone” is before he begins tapping into funds that are meant for day to day living obligations and expenses.

The best and most confident poker players are that way because they are thoroughly prepared and organized and bankroll planning and assessment is a must before a Texas holdem player

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