College Football Betting

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College football betting - The odds are in your favor !


College football betting is an eclectic departure from regular online football betting. Although betting on teams in the big leagues is exciting, there is an extra boost of favor to the college scene. The fact that many individuals will lay wagers as a result of loyalty to their alma mater adds an extra skew to the point spread sheets that seasoned gamblers find exciting.

College football betting works the same way as NFL football betting. To begin, all you need to do is open an account with one of the many sites online that offer the option of betting on college teams

Once online, you will be introduced to the sportsbook. The sportsbook displays money-lines and point-spread sheets. Most football betting sites contain instructions about how to interact with the sportsbook.

Point spreadsheets and money lines represent the two most common forms of college football betting.

The point-spread sheet contains numbers that represent the differentiation between one team winning over another. For example, you might be looking at a sportsbook where it says the point spread sheet states that Team A is listed at +10 and Team B at -10. Let's just say you decide to wager on the Team A. If Team A wins by more than ten points you will see a return on your original bet. However, if Team A wins by less than four points then you lose the bet. If Team B loses by more than 4 points then you have also won the bet.

Money lines indicate the amount that you would need to bet in order to win $100.00. Money lines are expressed with a negative number, such as -110, or a positive number such as +110. These money lines indicate how much money you need to bet on a particular college football team. A negative money line number indicates what you must wager to win $100.00 and a positive money line indicates what you will win if you wager $100.

Sports gambling experts agree that profit margin over the long term on college football betting sites averages out to be about ten percent.

The numbers in point spreadsheets can vary at any time. They take into account such factors as weather and injuries. The spreadsheet might also be altered if there are too many bets favoring one team. In this case the broker compensates for this by upping the odds for the expected losing team, as it is in the broker's best interests to have an even number of wagers for opposing teams. This ensures that the college football betting site makes money either way.

College football betting is addictive, as it challenges the player's skill and research abilities. The best way to win is to do your homework by examining the personalities on the team, their track record and what stresses they might be under scholastically. Doing your homework is probably the best way to win, no matter how loyal you are to your alma mater.






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