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The Key to Betting On Baseball


By Tom Wilkinson


Since baseball sports betting odds are often astronomically high, a sports bettor looking to bet on baseball must look for more creative and alternative ways to bet against the odds, as the numbers are simply too high to consistently win on big favorites against the sports betting line.

Totals, also known as over/unders, are a more economical and perhaps even more effective way for a sports bettor to bet on baseball against the sportsbooks and online sportsbooks. A baseball over/under sports betting line does not come with the baggage of forcing a sports bettor to have to lay out three hundred dollars to a sportsbook or sports gambling house to win one hundred dollars as is the case with heavy favorites sending their ace pitcher to the hill on a sports betting line side bet.

Often times a sports bettor can take advantage of an excellent pitcher by betting a baseball game to go under the over/under total set by the sports betting line rather than bet on that pitcher and his team to win with the heavy dollar amount that comes with betting on such sports betting odds.

Another way many sports bettors succeed at sports betting on baseball is to research the umpire data. Many umpires develop patterns when working the plate that send most of their games over or under the sports betting line total and when a sports bettor combines that information with other sports betting factors such as the pitchers he can devise a sound sports betting wager against the sportsbooks.

Yet another effective system enjoyed by baseball sports bettors is to take power underdogs. When a good baseball team is on the road against another good team they will often find themselves in the rare role of underdog against the sports betting line and finally offer a sports bettor some value that he simply couldn’t get against the odds when such teams are home against weak opposition.

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