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Bet on NFL Football 101

To bet on NFL football is by far the most popular type of sports betting in the United States and in many parts of the world. When we look at handicapping the NFL or when we want to bet on NFL football, we have many factors to consider but today I will concentrate on 10 systems and trends to get you started.

Bet on NFL Football Tip #1 - Bet against any NFL team playing its third consecutive road game. Throughout the years this tried and true system has produced winners in the range of 60 percent. You don’t get a ton of plays, but the ones you do get have a good chance of making you money.

Bet on NFL Football Tip #2 - Bet against last year’s Super Bowl winner in the first few games of the season. This system used to work extremely well, but the Patriots have handed it a few losses recently. You can take this system a step further and bet against Super Bowl runner-ups early in the following season. That system has proven more profitable lately.

Bet on NFL Football Tip #3 - Bet against any NFL team that is trying to cover as a road favorite for the second consecutive week. It is not easy to lay points on the road in the NFL, and doing it successfully two straight weeks is never easy.

Bet on NFL Football Tip #4 - Bet on any divisional home team in a pick-em or -1 situation. This makes sense because the game is expected to be close and the home team usually will come through in these situations. Throughout the years it has worked about 57% of the time.

Bet on NFL Football Tip #5 - Bet on any NFL home team that has won its last two games as an underdog. This makes sense because the team that was a dog is now gaining confidence and playing well. They are also at home giving them another edge. This is over 60% since 1989.

Bet on NFL Football Tip #6 - Play on any home underdog that allowed over 40 points the previous week. This one sounds strange but makes sense. The team is at home, has to make major adjustments and is catching extra line value. This system is near 70% since 1987.

Bet on NFL Football Tip #7 - Play the home underdog in the NFL if they won on the road last week. The reasoning here is that the team catching points is coming off a nice victory last week on the road and is now getting points. This is over 63% the past 10 years.

Bet on NFL Football Tip #8 - Play any away underdog that was shutout on the road as a dog last week. This goes right to going against the public. Everyone will be down on the team this week, you catch more points, and adjustments will be made. This is over 70% the last 13 years.

Bet on NFL Football Tip #9 - Here are a couple of rivalry trends. Take the dog when Oakland and Kansas City play and when Washington and Dallas play. Both of these systems are over 60% the last 10 years.

Bet on NFL Football Tip #10 - In the playoffs bet against the Wild Card team going up against the Divisional Winner. This is about a 60% trend since the Wild Card was instituted.

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