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Betting Into Raises
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Betting Into Raises

There are a multitude of betting strategies that the best no limit Texas holdem poker players must learn to master and utilize, no matter if they play poker at an online poker website or live casino poker card room. One of the most important no limit Texas holdem betting strategies is betting into the raiser.

Let’s say that you are dealt a pocket poker hand of three’s and one of the other poker players at the poker table comes in before the flop with a raise. If all of the other poker players at the poker table toss their poker hands into the muck in the face of that raise and it comes down to you and your pair of three’s you can call that raise. While a pair of three’s is not a powerhouse hand, your odds of success have already increased since the poker table has come down to just you and the other poker player who came in with that raise.

Now lets say after the flop you draw that third three to make for trips/a set. Now what do you do against this likely powerhouse poker hand of the poker player at the poker table who came out with his guns blazing before the flop? You raise! Few acts at a poker table will trip up and flabbergast a poker opponent more than betting right into his raise. It is likely that the poker player that initiated this poker chip betting escalation at the poker table may get emotional and raise into you. It is likely that he has a high pair but it’s likely that he didn’t even stop to consider that little three laying on the poker table and the possibility that you made a set. So now he is going to have to learn the hard way by losing his poker chips to you.

This situation is one that poker players encounter many times at whatever poker table they happen to be at no matter if it is at an online poker website or live casino poker card room. The best poker players will often allow their poker opponents at the poker table to “hang themselves” or blow themselves up by overplaying what seem to be strong poker hands. You will encounter many poker players at online poker tables or live casino poker card rooms that become excited at their “pocket rockets” (aces) and overplay such poker hands without thinking through the board reads and what the community cards can tell them if they would only listen.

Such scenarios are how a poker player can turn a little pair into a big pocketful of poker chips at a poker table.

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