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NASCAR Sports Betting Options And Know How

Sports betting players are becoming more interested in making sports betting wagers on NASCAR stock car racing and online sports betting websites, along with Vegas sportsbooks, are feeding this demand by sports betting players by offering sports betting odds not just on which driver will win a particular race, but also on head to head driver matchups, which manufacturer will win or finish higher, the amount of caution flags, etc.

NASCAR has a strong and passionate fan base and many of these fans have taken to betting on their favorite form of auto racing. Many NASCAR fans make for sports betting experts that would rival the success rate of the most fanatical football sports handicapper or sports betting player and these NASCAR sports betting players definitely know the lay of the land when it comes to the different NASCAR sports betting options offered.

Just as in football, baseball, or basketball, different tracks and sites in NASCAR provide different results and sports betting odds.

Super speedways such as Daytona and Talladega fit the driving styles of certain NASCAR individuals while short tracks such as the one at Bristol fit a completely opposite style of driver. Part of sports handicapping a NASCAR race is to know which drivers excel (or don’t) at which type of track.

Sports betting line and sports betting odds makers have begun to take notice of such factors as well. Sports betting players have to lay out steep odds on Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Michael Waltrip at those superspeedway tracks while drivers such as Rusty Wallace get a lot of sports betting action at the short tracks. Jeff Gordon is a consistent driver, regardless of track type, and many sports betting players make sports betting wagers on him weekly, but often without getting full value as he is a “public” driver, as is Earnhardt for that matter.

Tracks such as Bristol have a lot of wrecks and many sports betting players will make sports betting wagers on the “over” number on cautions. Yes, each week the sports betting odds makers will post an over/under total number on the amount of cautions for a race. While this may be a new way to look at sports betting totals NASCAR’s popularity is making sports betting players do their homework for more sports betting wagers.

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