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Looking to Bet on NFL Teasers

There used to be a time when looking to bet on NFL teasers was considered a bad investment. Nearly every professional handicapper would rip you apart if you talked about wanting to bet on NFL teasers. That does not happen very much anymore because you can bet NFL teasers and make them profitable.

A basic bet on NFL teaser is a bet that allows the player to move the line one way or the other by 6, 6.5 or 7 points. Some places offer 10 and 13-point teasers as well, but for the most part it is just those first three. You can select anywhere from 2 to 12 teams on your bet on NFL teaser and the payoffs increase for each additional team you add. Why has the bet on NFL teaser become not only more profitable, but more widely used by even the professionals? There are a couple of answers to this question. First, the oddsmakers have a pretty solid idea of what the NFL lines should be, and for the most part, games are competitive enough to stay within a few points of the projected line. When that happens, bet on NFL teasers win. What this means for the players is that both sides of the same game can be a winner, and that puts the book in a bad position. For example, let’s take the opening night game of Indianapolis at New England. The Patriots are a 3.5-point favorite. If you liked New England and included them on a 7-point teaser you now got them at +3.5 instead of -3.5. Let’s say you liked the Colts. You now could tease them up to +10.5. Look at the key numbers you just factored into your teaser. If New England wins or loses by three they will be a winner on the teaser. The Colts can lose outright by 10 points but your teaser will still be alive. It turns out that is exactly what happened as the Patriots won the game by 3 points. Many professionals are now looking at bet on NFL teasers in just the way I showed you. Let’s take another example. A lot of professionals will play a two-team teaser with a price tag of -110 or -120. In a week with a lot of games right around the point spread number of three, they will take two teams that make it attractive for key numbers. They might take the Ravens and Panthers who are both 3 points favorites and tease them to get +3.5 for both games. What they have done is take two good teams laying a field goal on the normal line and teased them to plus points. Now Baltimore and Carolina could lose by three points each and the teaser would be a winner. They have taken two solid teams, unlikely to get blown out, and put them together, getting a half point above the key number of three.

The professionals are playing more Bet on NFL teasers because of the parity and because the games are so competitive. Some people will also bet both sides of the same game in a teaser. For example, let’s go back to Week #1 where the Eagles were a 9-point favorite over the Giants. The pros might take the Eagles and tease them down to -2.5 and tease the Giants up to +15.5. This way if the Eagles win, but don’t cover, they hit both ends of the teaser. It turns out that is exactly what happened as the Eagles won by 14 points 31-17. This is happening more and more in the NFL.

Bet on NFL Teasers are actually getting more popular. Anytime bettors see an advantage they are usually quick to take it, and NFL teasers are definitely intriguing enough to be considered worthwhile.

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