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An Overview of Nascar Betting


By Tom Wilkinson


When most sports bettors think of sports betting they immediately think of pro and college football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and boxing. A sport that many sports bettors wouldn’t immediately consider as a sport to make sports wagers on is professional big time stock car racing, NASCAR. But NASCAR is here to stay in the sports betting world as more and more sports bettors are getting a piece of the action each week in America’s most popular form of auto racing. Just as NASCAR now outdraws most sporting events with the exception of football in the television ratings, (much to the surprise of many), NASCAR now brings in more business to Las Vegas sportsbooks and online sportsbooks.

A sports bettor looking to make a NASCAR wager has several sports betting options at his fingertips, particularly if he bets NASCAR at online sportsbooks.

The first sports betting option available to a sports bettor is to simply pick the winner of the race against the odds posted. This is one of the more challenging sports wagers that a NASCAR sports bettor can make as each NASCAR race has 43 drivers/cars and while the realistic amount of potential winners is around 10 to 15, the occasional upset winner takes the checkered flag now and then hitting big time payouts for the long shot playing sports bettors that wagered on him.

One of the more popular forms of NASCAR sports betting is the matchups. The sports betting odds makers will pit a group of NASCAR drivers against each other groups ranging anywhere from two to four drivers. The most popular version of this sports betting matchup format is two drivers head to head and the sports betting odds makers will make a sports betting line on which driver between the two listed on the matchup board will finish higher with the odds posted next to that driver’s name.

An example of how a NASCAR driver sports betting matchup would read is Jeff Gordon -110, versus Dale Earnhardt, Jr. -110. In this sports betting matchup the sports betting line is even between Gordon and Earnhardt and sports bettors in this scenario can lay out $110 to win $100 plus their $110 back on either driver and the driver that finishes higher at the checkered flag wins the sports betting wager.









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