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Online Soccer Betting

by Tom Wilkinson

Online soccer betting is slowly gaining ground around the world with the advent of more and more sportsbooks accepting soccer wagers. Online soccer betting has opened up the soccer-betting world to many gamblers around the world, and for soccer bettors everywhere, that is a good thing.

Online soccer betting has still not really taken off here in the United States but that is slowly starting to change. Many line services now show soccer lines on their screen on a daily basis, and more sportsbooks are offering lines on more than just the English Premier League. Online soccer betting is unique in that most people around the United States still don’t understand the lines they are looking at. Let’s review some of the lines you are likely to see the next time you consider online soccer betting. Here is an example.

Manchester United -170
Fulham +475
Draw +235
Total 2.5

This is an example of a three-way online soccer betting line. If you liked Manchester United you would be risking $170 for every $100 you wanted to win. If you liked Fulham, for every $100 risked you would get $475 back, plus your original wager. If you liked the draw you would get $235 back for every $100 wagered, plus your original bet. If you wanted to bet the total you would risk either $110 or $120 for every $100 you wanted to win, whether you bet under or over the total. During the regular season the wagers are official after 90 minutes, or regulation time.

In addition to the English Premier League you also have very popular leagues like the Italian and European to bet on. You will also get World Cup action every four years. Online soccer betting is definitely something you want to consider if you want to venture into soccer gambling. The Internet has made soccer gambling something that not just the people in Europe can do, but everyone around the world. If you are looking to venture into the online soccer betting world you will need to take the time to handicap matches, manage your money properly, and use discipline. Soccer betting is just like betting the other sports; it takes time and effort. The Internet has definitely made it possible for online soccer betting to make it into the mainstream of sports betting. It may take time, but online soccer betting is definitely on the way up.

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