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Raising Concerns in Omaha Poker
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Raising Concerns in Omaha Poker

We continue to analyze in this online poker series regarding the online poker strategy of a raised poker chip bet by an online poker player how such tactics are not nearly as effective for online poker players that play Omaha poker as they are for online poker players that choose Texas holdem poker because the of vast and extreme differences between these two online poker games.

We last looked at how an online poker player raising both before and after the flop was a virtually worthless poker exercise. An online poker player raising on the flop in order to bully the other online poker players to check with their poker hands at the turn is also a futile gesture by an online poker player that plays Omaha poker. In Omaha poker, because of the vast drawing potential of online poker player’s poker hands there are some truly legitimate poker hands going all of the time and poker hands that must be bet by online poker players that are fully aware of the favorable poker chip betting odds and implied odds that Omaha poker offers online poker players that would otherwise be making the incorrect poker play by folding their poker hands into the muck. An online poker player that makes a raised poker chip bet will not scare any other online poker players with a potential nut poker hand into checking at the turn and thus giving the online poker player who made the initial raise a free card at the turn. For such a tactic to work all of the other online poker players would have had to have flopped weak poker hands and that is not something for an online poker player to count on when considering a raise in Omaha poker.

An online poker player making a raised poker chip bet in order to get information from the other online poker players is another online poker tactic that works in Texas holdem poker but not in Omaha poker. Due to the significantly larger list of poker hand possibilities that online poker players enjoy in Omaha poker the type of information that an online poker player that made a raised poker chip bet from the other online poker players will be dicey at best. With so many potential poker hands that an online poker player can draw to in Omaha poker the signal that they send another online poker when they call his raise is like an “all the above” answer to a multiple choice quiz question. Its likely that an online poker player at an Omaha poker table that calls a raise may either have the nut poker hand or a draw to the nut or low poker hand. And then if an online poker player re-raises the original online poker player’s raise the only signal and information gathered is exactly what the original online poker player that raised didn’t want to know and that is that the online poker player that re-raised has the nut poker hand.

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