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Sports Betting Idiocy
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Sports Betting Idiocy

Anymore it is difficult for an intelligent and serious sports betting player to listen to the absolute morons that call into sports radio talk shows that focus on sports betting. It is easy to understand why so many online sports betting websites and sportsbooks are “cleaning up” against most sports betting players, because of their absolute wanton stupidity at wagering against the sports betting odds with their football picks that are based on nothing more than “conventional wisdom” rather than sound fundamental principles that might offer at least a minimum edge against the sports betting odds and lines posted each day on the board.

While irritating to listen to, it is also quite educational as to the mindset of so many ignoramuses. They will call in a talk show or post at an online sports betting chat room about their parlays and teasers and the “rationale”, (or lack thereof), as to why they made their football picks against the sports betting odds and why they were “screwed” into losing. It doesn’t take long for a sharp sports betting player to figure out that the collective IQ of this crowd wouldn’t qualify them for any respectable kindergarten.

Among the many moronic reasons for making football picks that these clowns come up with, the most prevalent is the “name brand” syndrome. These bozos are the ones that are always laying big numbers with college football picks on home teams such as Michigan, Miami as they call them “my boys!” Week after week these buffoons make these types of wagers on football picks against the sports betting odds and then wonder why they are never making any money. Then these same losers will have the opportunity to take a team like Michigan or Miami when they are most dangerous, as small favorites or road dogs, and TAKE THE OTHER SIDE while saying, “they just aren’t as good as they used to be, that’s why they are an underdog this time!” Incredible as it sounds, this passes for deep thought with the typical sports betting loser.

The futility and idiocy of this crowd isn’t limited to football picks against the sports betting odds. These are the brooding geniuses that always take the Lakers at home in basketball, the Yankees regardless of price or circumstances, Dale Junior in NASCAR and the chalk at the Kentucky Derby. If a side of a sports betting wager is “name brand” this clique is on it. The ultimate lesson is to learn from the sports betting masses so you won’t end up as another one the asses.

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