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Spotting A Winner
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Spotting A Winner

Just as it is easy to pick out, spot, and isolate the many losers that are amongst the sports betting population, it is just as easy, if not easier, to spot the winning sports betting player.

First of all, since the overwhelming majority of sports betting players are verified and documented losers with their football picks against the online sports betting websites and casino sportsbooks, the minority that are winners would logically have many of the characteristics that the losers lack. The first among these are their demeanor. The winning sports betting player is a lot more quiet, analytical, careful, methodical, and prepared than the typical schmuck that is betting a spare $20 on a five-team parlay. The winning sports betting player wagers against the sports betting odds and lines with serious PURPOSE, a professional businesslike approach that is NOT about fun or games or action but making money.

The winning sports betting player will often be the individual LEAST noticed in a crowd at a sportsbook. The losers often hang together in packs or cliques running their mouths about their latest spur of the moment wager on football picks that were not thoroughly researched.

The winning sports betting player is serious about sports handicapping, in fact, he is a student of sports handicapping, and rather than drinking free beer at a sportsbook he will most often be home on his computer, researching at online sports betting websites doing all of the things that the typical loser won’t or can’t do.

The winning sports betting player has a precise bankroll and method to using it. His football picks against the sports betting odds and lines are not just the product of a thorough sports handicapping effort, but are also wagered on based on the overall risk/reward values and minimum edge requirements of his gambling bankroll. The schmoes getting tanked up and running their mouths at the sportsbooks would be clueless to this sports betting approach and methodology.

What ultimately separates the winning sports betting player from the loser is that he stands apart and alone from the crowd. He thinks for himself because he has the pride, commitment and discipline to work for himself and strive to find the edge against the sports betting odds.

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