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Baseball Values

Although betting the best teams with their best pitchers at home against the worst teams seems like a logical way for a sports betting player to bet baseball, the fact of the matter is that the sports betting odds makers make the lines on such scenarios so expensive that they offer no value to the sports betting player. Several different routes can be taken to find value in baseball.

The first place to look for value is with good teams on the road when they are small favorites and are underdogs against the sports betting odds. Usually these teams are up against other good teams but that does not mean it is a write-off as a loss and often these teams will bring a good value that easily exceed the minimum edge requirements of a good sports betting player. Teams of equal caliber in the third game of a series trying to avoid a sweep are another excellent value possibility if they have one of their better pitchers taking the mound to stop the bleeding.

Another good place to look for values are with average teams with their best pitchers going as long as they are not large and expensive favorites as posted with the sports betting odds. Average teams often become good teams with their ace starter on the hill and since the general sports betting public doesn’t give such teams a lot of “action” at online sports betting websites or casino sportsbooks a knowledgeable sports betting player can often get good value in these setups.

Another excellent place to find value is with over/under totals. Rather than having to lay two to three dollars for one on powerhouse favorites with their ace on the mound a sports betting player can take advantage of excellent pitchers by betting on those games to go “under” the over/under sports betting line. This is a creative way to bet on popular and solid pitchers without having to lay out rip off odds that favorites on a side of a game must do. Although the sports betting odds makers will be aware of these pitchers taking the mound and factor that into their over/under sports betting line, a sports betting player will still avoid having to lay out absurd prices.

The baseball playoffs often offer better side values than the regular season games because the teams are more equal in ability. Many sports betting players prefer playoff baseball because the games carry more meaning and reliable intensity along with better value against the sports betting odds.

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