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Changing Dynamics Of Pro Basketball Sports Betting

For as long as sports betting players and fans of pro basketball can remember, the National Basketball Association was about individual stars and how far those stars could carry teams. Since Julius Erving of Philadelphia, Magic Johnson of the Lakers, and Larry Bird of Boston, followed by Michael Jordan of Chicago, pro basketball teams had to have a superstar player to have their teams and game plans revolve around. Sure, all of these players had help, but their teams were going nowhere without them. Thus, sports handicapping pro basketball was often based on how the superstars of a team were playing and feeling and sports betting on pro basketball against the sports betting odds and lines had a large and significant relation to one on one basketball.

While superstar talent is still critical there has been a noticeable change in how pro basketball teams attain success currently and last year, when the virtual no-name Detroit Pistons played beautiful team oriented ball in dominated the super star laded Hollywood production that was the Los Angeles Lakers, it was a warning to sports betting players that they would have to alter their sports handicapping methodology regarding how they make basketball picks against the online sports betting websites and casino sportsbooks.

This year, once again, team ball had far more success in pro basketball than did individual one-on-one ball. Allen Iverson may have carried the Philadelphia 76ers into the playoffs on his back, but he had nothing left once the playoffs came and sports handicapping Philly in the playoffs was quite simple; it all came down to whether Iverson could carry the Sixers against the best teams in the league and the answer became an obvious and resounding NO! Tracy McGrady could not carry Houston, nor could Steve Nash do so for Phoenix. TEAM BALL prevailed once again as San Antonio and Detroit, teams with the exception of the Spurs’ Tim Duncan that are devoid of big names, made the NBA Finals. Sports betting players that are making money against the sports betting odds and lines with pro basketball wagers have made this adjustment, particularly when sports handicapping the pro basketball playoffs. There does not appear to be, any time soon, a dominant player that a team can build its entire program around. Even LeBron James of Cleveland and Carmello Anthony of Denver have proven to need help in the future and sports betting players will have to use the team angle against the online sports betting websites and sportsbooks.

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