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Internet Betting

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The internet betting industry is rapidly growing


When people refer to Internet betting, they usually mean online sports betting, although the term technically also encompasses betting at online casinos, online lotteries, wagering on horses or car races, wagers on the outcome of the Dow Jones and wagers on the outcomes of popular television shows.

Internet betting games generally come in three formats, as a download, as Flash and as JAVA script. People who are betting on live sports events often prefer to place their bets in the sportsbook right on the site.

Most sites offer players the option of practicing first before they open an account. If you want to do this, look for a link on the site that says, "Play For Fun."

The most popular form of internet betting by far is sports gambling. Most online sites offer sports betting on football, baseball, basketball, golf, boxing, cricket, car racing, tennis and rugby matches. Some sites are dedicated specifically to sports and others are combined with casino type games. The idea behind the combination sports betting and casino site is that the customer can play a casino game while waiting for the results of sports betting.

With sports Internet betting two opposing bets are placed in a sportsbook that acts like the broker or the bookie. The sportsbook makes its profits from broker fees. In the sportsbook, you will usually see a point spread sheet or odds. This tells you who the broker thinks is the underdog in the game. As the broker makes a profit no matter what side wins, he will often adjust the odds to encourage players to bet on the team that has the least wagers. This is an important thing to remember before you play the odds on any game.

Horseracing is also a very popular form of Internet betting especially in the Far East. On sites from the United Kingdom, it is not uncommon to see Internet betting on greyhound races.

Not all Internet betting takes place on real events. Some sites also offer on virtual versions of horse, car and greyhound races.

Virtual casinos are an integral part of online betting. Most sites offer the same kinds of games as a real-life casino. Some simulated animations are as thrilling as sitting at a poker or black jack table in Vegas. Many sites offer people the option of playing in real time with other people who have logged into the site. Most sites offer the standard Casino games: Blackjack, Craps, Keno, Roulette, Poker, Video Poker and Slot Machines.

A growing Internet betting industry is financial wagering which offers players the opportunity to bet on what the day's closing numbers will be on companies that are part of the Dow Jones Industrial average.

Some Internet betting sites also offer you the option of betting on the outcome of popular television shows such as Survivor and American Idol. Lotteries and bingo are also well-visited options for the millions of people who are exploring the exciting realm of Internet betting.






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