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Sports Betting - Baseball Run Lines

Baseball Betting

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Sports Betting - Baseball Run Lines

Sports betting enthusiasts love betting baseball. Many online sportsbooks around the world dread baseball season because sports betting gamblers do quite well during the long summer months.

Most sports betting gamblers are familiar with the basics of baseball with money lines and totals, but what about run lines? Are run lines in baseball betting a good way to go? Let’s take a look.

Some baseball sports betting gamblers really ignore the run line because they don’t see a lot of value. That is probably a mistake. Run lines were made so that sports betting gamblers that liked the favorites could risk a lower amount in exchange for laying an extra run. The reason that run lines could be profitable is that they usually give sports betting gamblers an advantage on the money line if you are laying the run and a half. For example, the Yankees could be -170 on the money line but +110 on the run line. The only way the run line would not be a good bet in this situation is if they Yankees win by just one run. If the Yankees lose, the sports betting gambler saved money. If the Yankees win by more than a run, you get +110 instead of +100. The example can be even more pronounced if it is a minor favorite of -150 or less and the run line is +150 or more. Then the advantage gets even greater if you bet the run line.

I am not a big proponent of taking the run and a half because I don’t like laying money in baseball as a sports betting gambler and that is usually what you are doing when you get +1.5. The only way taking the run and a half would benefit you in baseball is if your team loses by exactly 1 run. Any other situation and it is not a good idea. If the underdog wins outright you get a lot more money on the money line than the run line. If they lose you are only losing the flat bet instead of the extra money. Some people are going to advocate only playing the run line when your team is on the road. While it technically seems like a better bet, because you are getting 9 at bats instead of 8, betting the road teams on the run line is no better than taking the home teams. The best bet for the baseball sports betting gambler taking run lines is to take the plus money laying the run and a half on a team you already predicted would win the game. You will get plus money every time instead of laying money. That is a long-term winner. It is like many baseball bettors that will only bet underdogs in baseball. If you only play -1.5 plus money run lines, your chances of success at the end of the season is going to be pretty good. If you are a good baseball sports betting gambler, then consider adding run lines to your arsenal. They should definitely help your long-term success.

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