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What is Football Betting Value?


“Value” is the buzzword of buzzword in college football betting. You will hear about it on gambling talk shows, read about it on tout sheets and at internet gambling chat rooms. In fact, “value” is arguably the operative word in all of gambling and certainly when it comes to college football betting.


The importance of value simply cannot be over-emphasized when trying to obtain success at college football betting. Fair enough. But the REAL dilemma and problems is for a gambler to develop the know how on recognizing value and where to locate it.


The ultimate definition of gambling value is when a gambler has found a wager in which he is laying fewer points than he should or getting more points than he should. In totals a gambler would have value by taking an under that was posted far higher by the oddsmakers than what it should have been or vice versa on the under. Just like on the consumer market, when you are able to purchase something for less than what it is truly worth you have value.


In college football betting if a team should be a minus-one-point favorite and yet was getting three points as an underdog that is value. If an over/under should be posted on the betting boards at 32 and yet the gambler was able to bet an under 34, he has value. Now that you know the simple definition of college football betting value you must next know where to find value and how to recognize it.


There is no value in a loser. No matter how many points a bad team is getting it will be totally worthless if they cannot manage to stay within the posted number. Value can most often be found starting with quality teams. A quality team will not always be a heavy chalk but can still be a value when laying the heavy lumber if the situation is right.


A gambler should therefore always line himself up, with quality teams, or at least against losing/mistake prone teams. Now that does NOT mean the gambler will be taking the chalk all the time. In fact, you will find no better college football betting value than with a quality pup. Ultimately, that is the elusive combination that the gambler is searching for; a good team getting good value.


As crazy as it may sound, a gambler can sometimes even find value with bad teams. For example, if a bettor takes a losing underdog against another poor team that was made the chalk, he has also found good value. Anytime a bettor can get points against a team that constantly makes mistakes and beats itself he has a potential edge and value.


College football betting value is having the self control to never over-pay for a wager and settle for less than what you should get. Value is, in fact, when a gambler is getting more than what he should have gotten.





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