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Betting Lines - How to understand the betting line


Whether you are looking to bet on football, college football, horse racing, boxing, tennis, golf, car racing or any other kind of sport, you are bound to run into an online feature called a betting line. A betting line indicates how much you have to wager in order to see the likelihood of a return on your bet.

The easiest way to understand a betting line is to think of it as an indication of the amount that you would need to bet in order to win $100.00. Money lines are expressed with a negative number, such as -110, or a positive number such as +110. These betting lines are a quick guide to indicating how much money you need to bet on a particular team. A negative money line number indicates what you must wager to win $100.00 and a positive money line indicates what you will win if you wager $100. These numbers varying numbers are usually posted on the site at varying times. The online bookie adjusts the differential so that he can make money no matter who is the winner of the game. Betting lines can usually be found in the sportsbook of the Internet gambling site.

There are many global sites that offer betting lines on everything from NFL football to greyhound racing. The Jaguar Sportsbook is a Fortune 500 type company that supplies betting lines for NFL football. In the United Kingdom Our Sports offers betting lines for soccer, tennis, basket ball, ice-hockey, the NBA and the NHL. The Sporting Index also offers betting lines on U.K. sports such as cricket, rugby, dog racing and the World Cup. Those particularly interested in laying wagers on soccer might want to visit Soccer Vista. No Nags and Woodlands race tracks offer betting lines on U.K. horse racing.

Sport Odds and Pro Group Racing offer betting lines for Australian citizens who are interested in laying wagers on cricket, Australian Rules, horses and yachting.

In North America, Action Sports Central, Oasis and the Betting Edge are all popular sites that offer daily betting lines on NBA, NFL, college football and college basketball. Advantage Sports Betting is a popular site that houses an on-site casino as well as live betting on over 80 race tracks. On Advantage, money-lines are offered for as low as $1.00 per bet.

Many casinos also offer a version of a betting line, but it is usually described as a bonus, In this scenario, your betting line is increased if you sign up for an account. On some sites this bonus is as much as 50%. For example if you pay $50 to sign up for an account at a casino, they may offer you a 25% bonus just for signing up or using a particular credit card or payment method. In the end, you will have $70.00 to gamble with instead of your original $50.00. This kind of bonus is a boon to individuals interested in sports gambling as many casinos now also offer betting lines on football and other sports.





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