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Sportscapper MLB Play for Thursday Arizona Diamondbacks

When your own manager says he knows what kind of game your going to have after the first inning, then he really doesn't trust you. Most pitchers are given a couple innings to warm up, but not Ohka, Milwaukee's starting pitcher. The reason is simply that he is inconsistent. Last game he was pulled after just three innings of horrible pitching versus the Astros. Let's just say Ohka cannot be counted on to win on the road versus Arizona, even Milwaukee as a team has played poorly away, going an unimpressive 33-41.

The same cannot be said for Arizona's starter Shawn Estes, who after missing 55 games on the DL, came out and pitched a real gem of game against Colorado, allowing no runs over six innings. Remember this is the same guy who went 15-8 last year; he's just had his troubles with injury this year. Even though Arizona is 14 games below .500, they're still kind of in the playoff hunt. Look for the Diamondbacks to respond behind Estes and prove Brewers management right about Ohka for a solid Arizona victory.

Sportscapper MLB Play for Thursday Arizona Diamondbacks
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