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Default Football Betting or Basketball Betting?

Football Betting or Basketball Betting?

We all know that football betting dwarfs every other type of gambling in terms of popularity, handle, profits, etc. What some people donít realize is that football betting is not a favorite of professional gamblers.

Most sports bettors, whether professional or public gamblers, will wager on football to some extent. If they are professional gamblers, however, that wagering will probably be light. There are many reasons that football betting does not carry the day for professionals. Football is so much of a public sport that information is really easy to get and that makes finding an edge more difficult.

Another difficulty during football season is that there are a limited amount of games. If you are a professional gambler that is trying to beat the NFL, there are only 256 regular-season games and just 11 playoff games that you can wager on. If you wager on college football, you have more, but it is still less than a 1,000 over the course of the season.

Many professionals prefer basketball because there are so many more games to wager on. Between pro and college basketball there are four or five times as many games as in football. That means thousands more opportunities to find an edge for the pro. A recent example showed that NFL teams have played 10 games in about 2 months or so. NBA teams have played that many games in a few weeks.

Professional gamblers definitely like more games to choose from. The more they can choose from, the better their chances. When you think of football and basketball wagering in the future, always remember that basketball is more appealing because there are so many more opportunities.
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