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Default Lines on Eagles Games Rising

The mess that Terrell Owens created for the Philadelphia Eagles could also be causing trouble for bookmakers around the world.

The Philadelphia Eagles are getting very little respect by oddsmakers now that Donovan McNabb is out with injury. Some oddsmakers have probably overreacted to the injury, just what the public will do, and inflated the odds this week on the Giants. Oddsmakers figure that the public will be all over the Giants against the Eagles without McNabb. Right now the Giants are 7.5 point home favorites when the line should probably be 3. The line is a complete overreaction and it will be interesting to see if professional gamblers get involved just before game time and take the Eagles.

Some oddsmakers have said that McNabb is worth 5.5 points but that number is ludicrous and shows just how inefficient many oddsmakers have become when making NFL lines. If backup quarterback Mike McMahon plays reasonably well then the Eagles could be worth taking on a regular basis as the season continues. It will take the ever-slow oddsmakers a while to figure out what to do, and that is to the players’ advantage.
Tom Wilkinson
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