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Default The Detroit Lions Are a Mess

According to the AP, the Detroit Lions fired head coach Steve Mariucci today. Unfortunately for fans of the Detroit Lions, Mariucci was not the problem.

The Lions are a mess due to numerous factors but number one on the list is the idiot team president Matt Millen. The sad part for Detroit fans is that their owner is just as stupid. He recently gave Millen a five year contract extension. As long as Millen is anywhere near the Detroit organization it will be doomed to failure. Millenís only qualification for the job is that he used to play in the NFL. He has NO football intelligence.

This yearís team has collapsed on and off the field with players failing to produce and everyone backstabbing one another. Mariucci's record with the Lions was 15-28. Mariucci has more than two years remaining on the $25 million contract he signed in 2003. Mariucci was in a no win situation because the team was put together by Millen, who knows nothing about running an NFL club.

Millen hired both Mariucci and his predecessor, Marty Mornhinweg, and drafted or signed most of the players currently on the Lions, and that is the main reason they have struggled.
Tom Wilkinson
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