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Default The Rotten BCS Finally Gets It Right

The faulty BCS system finally got it right this year in college football. It only took a no-brainer situation to make it happen though.

The BCS in college football is a disaster. This year it worked out because there were only two unbeaten teams in college football. What would have happened had Michigan’s last second TD pass been incomplete? Then we would have had 3 unbeaten teams again and Penn State would have been left out in the cold. Now that the BCS got lucky and everything worked out great, let us hope everyone doesn’t forget how screwed up the system really is.

The Championship game may end up being the most watched football game in decades. It matches USC, the two time defending champion, against unbeaten Texas. It matches the main two Heisman candidates, the likely winner Reggie Bush, against Vince Young. The Trojans could make history with an unprecedented third consecutive national title.

With 2004 Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart and 2005 Heisman front-runner Reggie Bush, USC has won 34 straight games. The Trojans could make history with an unprecedented third consecutive national title. It will not be an easy matchup for Texas, but they are already talking big. "We're sitting here at 19 straight wins and there is a tremendous amount of pressure on kids and coaches to keep it going," Texas head coach Mack Brown said. "And these guys have done it now for three straight years."
Texas won last season's Rose Bowl with quarterback Vince Young leading the way. USC and Texas, two of college football’s best programs have played four times but not since 1967. The Trojans are 4-0 against Texas.
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