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Default Frye and McMahon Named Starters For This Week

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Charlie Frye will replace Trent Dilfer for the second straight week and make his first start on the road Sunday when Cleveland plays at Cincinnati.

Frye went 13-of-20 for 226 yards and two touchdowns in his first NFL start, a 20-14 loss Sunday to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Frye threw his TD passes in the first half to fellow rookie Braylon Edwards, but the third-round pick was sacked five times in the second half as Jacksonville rallied from an 11-point deficit.

"I'm disappointed," Dilfer said. "But I recognize the reality of this position. I'm not happy with this right now, but if you let your circumstances determine your actions, you are in big trouble."

The Browns need to decide if Frye is the quarterback of the future and now is an excellent time to put him into the fire.

Mike McMahon will start at quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles against the New York Giants on Sunday. This is after a horrible outing where he had two interceptions that were returned for touchdowns against Seattle.

"I like Mike's mobility," coach Andy Reid said Wednesday. "It's important everybody does their job. The quarterback gets the brunt of it. I'm not going to point fingers. Everybody had a piece in it."

McMahon was terrible against Seattle. He completed 4 of 10 passes for 61 yards and the two interceptions. Reid should have realized long ago that McMahon has never been a winner anywhere he has played and that will not change now. He lost at Rutgers, played poorly with the Lions and now he has no clue with the Eagles. It looks like Andy Reid has lost any hope of making an intelligent decision this season, but it doesn’t matter since the Eagles are completely done. Perhaps next year Reid will get back to being the good coach we all thought he was.

Overall, McMahon has started three games since Donovan McNabb went out with a sports hernia and is 37-of-83 for 486 yards, one TD, three interceptions and a passer rating of 52.6.
Koy Detmer had been McNabb's backup since 2000, but Reid chose McMahon to start when the five-time Pro Bowl quarterback decided to have season-ending surgery.
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