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Default Abc’s Last Monday Night Telecast

If you are an NFL football fan then tonight is a sad night in a way. ABC gives way to ESPN for Monday Night Football beginning next season, so tonight’s game marks the last broadcast.

All NFL football fans can associate with Monday Night Football. It is a staple of the NFL and of American television. It has been around since 1970 when the first broadcast was done. There have been many announcers during the history of Monday Night football but three really stand out. Howard Cosell was the voice that made Monday Night football the viewing phenomenon it has become. Frank Gifford was the main voice for the majority of the years before Al Michaels took over. Those three names will always be associated with Monday Night football.

Tonight's game between the Patriots and Jets will be secondary to the real event, and that is the passage of the torch from ABC to ESPN. It might be worth looking in on tonight's game, not that we all don't anyway, just to remember 35 years of MNF.
Tom Wilkinson
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