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Default Texans vs. 49ers – The Reggie Bush Game

In what normally would be a matchup between two pathetic teams, there is significant interest in this week’s game between the Houston Texans and the San Francisco 49ers.

If the 49ers win, the Texans will be all alone at the bottom of the NFL standings (or the top of the draft if you view it that way.) If the Texans win, they will have three victories, same as the 49ers, and there could be as much as a five-way tie because Green Bay, the New York Jets and New Orleans also enter the final week 3-12. In the event of a tie, the team that's played the weakest schedule will get the first pick.

The Texans opened as a 1-point underdog, but some money rolled in on Houston and they became 1-point favorites. Both teams are playing better, but it will be interesting to see if Houston actually plays hard in this game knowing that a loss gets them Reggie Bush.
Tom Wilkinson
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