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Default Holcomb or Losman? The Players Want Holcomb

Buffalo Bills quarterback J.P. Losman might have to compete with veteran Kelly Holcomb for the starting quarterback job next year. Losman was given the starting job earlier this season, but his play and injuries have led to Holcomb starting some games.

"I think he deserves to get his fair shot at it," tight end Mark Campbell said of Holcomb.
"I think he's played enough to get a chance," added receiver Eric Moulds. "Hopefully, they'll give him an opportunity after this year to compete for the starting job."

"I mean, look at the statistics," linebacker London Fletcher said. "He's proven that he can be a starting quarterback in the National Football League week in and week out and definitely a starter for us."

Holcomb is expected to get the start Sunday when Buffalo (5-10) closes its season on the road against the New York Jets (3-12). Losman was the Bills' 2004 first-round draft pick, but Holcomb has totally outplayed Losman.

Losman has gone 1-7 as a starter while Holcomb has gone 3-3. Both players have appeared in nine games this season, with Holcomb also having the edge in completion percentage (68.4 percent to Losman's 49.6) quarterback rating (92.9-64.9) and having thrown four interceptions compared to Losman's eight. Both have thrown for eight touchdowns.

Head coach Mike Mularkey hasnít said much about the quarterback battle "It's exactly unfolded the way you thought it would," Mularkey said. "J.P.'s a guy who's taking the steps to being that quarterback we know he can be."
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