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Default NFL Head Coaches Getting Fired

Four NFL head coachers were fired on "Black Monday," the day after the regular season ends and the traditional day for firing coaches. Mike Martz of the Rams, Dom Capers of the Texans, Mike Sherman of Green Bay and Jim Haslett of New Orleans were all let go.

They join Mike Tice of Minnesota, Dick Vermeil of Kansas City, who retired Sunday at the age of 69 and Detroit's Steve Mariucci, who was let go in November. That brings the total to 7 but it should increase to 8 later today when Norv Turner is expected to be out in Oakland. It seems like a high number, but since 1970 an average of 5.9 coaches are fired per year. None of these firings was a surprise.

Haslett has been horrible in New Orleans, Capers has been a disaster in Houston, Sherman has seen once proud Green Bay fall flat, and Martz lost his team long ago.
Of the coaches who were fired it is expected that Martz will get a shot at another head coach job, simply for the fact he is an offensive guru and we all know that offense sells tickets. Mariucci could also draw interest now that he is out of the disaster that is the Detroit Lions. Sherman is sure to draw interest because of his track record. Capers, Tice, and Haslett could be tougher sells, although for some reason Haslett has a good rapport with other NFL people.
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