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Default The Only 10 Win Team Out of the Playoffs – The Chiefs

The only 10-win team not in the playoffs is the Kansas City Chiefs. At 10-6 the Chiefs didn’t make the playoffs, but there are few NFL teams that would want to play Kansas City today. The Chiefs would be far more dangerous than Jacksonville and at least as dangerous as Pittsburgh or Cincinnati.

"You don't know if you should take everything out of your locker or do it the way you've been doing it — leave certain things in your locker expecting to come back," said cornerback Eric Warfield. "Nobody knows who's going to be here, player wise or coaching wise."
Dick Vermeil's five-year log in Kansas City reads 44-36. The offense was superb under Vermeil, but the team did not win a playoff game.

The losses this season are difficult to swallow if you are a Chiefs fan. Road losses to the Cowboys and Giants made the difference. It was also hard for everybody to forget a home loss to Philadelphia when they gave up an 18-point lead, or a horrible 14-3 setback at Buffalo when Pro Bowl left tackle Roaf was out and quarterback Trent Green got sacked six times.
"I personally predicted we'd win 12 games this season, and we didn't," Vermeil said. "Maybe we screwed up. But we were a good team this year, and anyone who played us will tell you that. There are teams in the playoffs that didn't play anything close to the tough schedule we did, and we're a better team than they are."

Carl Peterson, the Chiefs' president and general manager, is expected to sign his fourth head coach since taking over in 1989 very quickly. Many people think its New York Jets coach Herman Edwards.

"I've been thinking about this, obviously, for some time, ever since Dick said last year that this might be his final year," Peterson said. "I've got some thoughts. It doesn't have to be an offensive guy, it doesn't have to be a defensive guy."

Whoever settles into Vermeil's job will get a team with plenty of potential, If Pro Bowlers Shields and Roaf come back and anchor the offensive line, the offense should be in great shape. Larry Johnson, who started only the last nine games, has taken over at running back. The defense is young and improving, and the entire situation looks good for the next Chief’s head coach.
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