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Default Proehl and Panthers Ready for the Giants

Ricky Proehl gets another chance to play at Giants Stadium, probably for the last time in his 16-year career. He knows that the Panthers have a chance to continue forward. "If you dream hard enough, they come true," Proehl said. "I'm excited. Growing up and going to games, going to playoff games there isn't a better venue for the playoffs, it's awesome.
If you can't get excited to go play a playoff game in New York, you need to be doing something else for a living because that's as good as it gets."

Proehl has faced the Giants six times there in regular-season games, but never for a playoff game. He nearly retired before this year began but head coach John Fox convinced him to play another season.

Back in March, when I decided to come back and commit myself to playing, I knew that we had an opportunity, we had a team that could get to the playoffs," Proehl said. "This was one of the reasons I wanted to come back, because I felt like we could get into this situation, get into the playoffs.

"This is why I play. This is awesome."

Proehl talked to the team last week before their must win game against Atlanta. "I just told them how honored and proud I am to be a part of this football team," Proehl said of the speech. "I've been on some great football teams and this may not be the most talented team, but as far as character and heart and never-die mentality, this is as good as it gets."

"I told them that I knew how we were going to respond, the way this football team has always responded great from a loss, and that's what they did," said Proehl, who caught three passes for 29 yards and a touchdown in the win over Atlanta.

"I didn't prepare anything. I just spoke from my heart."

"If I do decide to walk away, I'll be able to say, `Hey, we had a great football team, it was a great experience,'" Proehl said. "'We played well, we made it to the playoffs and hopefully we make it to the Super Bowl.'"
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