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Default Peyton Manning Has Chance to Quiet Playoff Demons

Peyton Manning has very few critics, but he does have the playoff failure questions to answer.

The two-time MVP has probably the best team he has ever had around him and the Colts are prohibitive favorites to make it to the Super Bowl.

"I'm not into defining a career in the middle of a career," Manning said Wednesday. "I hope to play for a number of more years, and I'm not really one to reflect on my first eight years or what happens in years nine or 10. I'm excited about the opportunity we have."

For the first time in Manning's career, the Colts (14-2) have the AFC's top seed and that means every game for the Colts until the Super Bowl will be at home. The Colts have a defense that allowed the fewest points in the AFC, and they're facing a Steelers team that they beat 26-7 in November. Will Peyton Manning be able to win a Super Bowl though.

"I think that is probably how he'll be judged in the short run," coach Tony Dungy said. "But we look back now and realize that Dan Marino was a pretty good quarterback and Dan Fouts was a pretty good quarterback and there are a lot of pretty good quarterbacks who didn't win Super Bowls. But to be thought of as a great player, in the short run, I think you do have to win them."

"Hopefully, he'll win two or three of them before he's done," Dungy said. "I remember a time when we didn't think John Elway or Brett Favre were very good because they didn't win one. But I don't think Peyton needs a Super Bowl to judge him as a good quarterback."

In the Colts last two playoff losses, both at New England, Manning threw five interceptions and only one touchdown.

"We feel we are a better team and hopefully the guys have worked harder to be a better team and that works in our favor this year," he said.

"There's only eight teams playing right now, so you feel fortunate. You want to enjoy the journey," he said. "There's no question that the destination we want is to be in Detroit. Hopefully, all the guys have more fun Sunday."
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