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Default Redskins Offense Must Show Up Vs. Seattle

The Redskins spent this past week looking at the sick numbers that their offense put up in last week's 17-10 victory over Tampa Bay. Their 120 yards was an NFL low for a winning team in a playoff game.

"I gave up trying to figure out how the games are going to go," coach Joe Gibbs said. "But I would have to guess that if you sat here today and said to me, 'Are you going to have to do a good job offensively to win this ball game?' Yeah, because you can't leave them out there. This is one of the most explosive offensive teams in the NFL. They've got a star running back, a heck of a quarterback, you go right down the line. If you were to draw it up, I would say the best way to win the game is to move the ball ourselves and keep them off the field."
"They did a great job of scheming," guard Ray Brown said. "I was surprised at some of the looks we got. They filled (the gaps) a different way with their linebackers that we didn't anticipate. I don't think we did a good job of adjusting."

Running backs Clinton Portis and Ladell Betts, who combined for 78 yards had only three yards per carry. Teams are also looking more at Chris Cooley and trying to limit his catches in the passing game. "I've had a lot more attention since the Dallas game, as far as everything goes," said Cooley, who has three touchdowns against the Cowboys. "I'm seeing a ton of man coverage."

The other major problem is quarterback Mark Brunell, who hasn't been the same since spraining his right knee in the Giants game. Brunell is 16-for-40 for 182 yards in the last two games combined.

"We should have confidence because we are a good football team on offense," Brunell said. "We've scored some points, particularly in the last half of the season. We've changed a lot of things. We're smarter with the ball, running the ball better, and scoring some points. It would be easy to think about last week or the week before. We're going to look at the big picture going into this game."
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