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Default Grossman Could Be Key To Bears-Panthers Matchup

Rex Grossman is preparing for the Bears' rematch Sunday with the Carolina Panthers at Soldier Field, and he knows that his play may decide the game.

Grossman missed 26 regular-season games before returning to play six quarters this season. And when he takes a game snap Sunday, it will be his first in three weeks.

"I've said all along the lack of experience is not what I would wish going into this game, especially in the third year of my career," said Grossman, who has started just seven NFL games. "But at the same time I don't feel like a rookie going into it; somewhere in between there."

"I'm smart enough to know this guy can lead a team. He did it in college. He's done it the games he's been in the NFL. He has the arm to make some throws that Kyle Orton couldn't ... so they're going to open up the offense a bit more," Panthers defensive tackle Brenston Buckner said.

"One thing I noticed about Rex is he's good at going through his progression and then coming back to it again to find the open guy," Buckner said.

"You can't just key in on one thing and think that he's going to have a tendency to go one way because when you do that, that's when he hits you deep."

"If we do what we've done to get here play great defense, run the football and protect the ball that will take a lot of the pressure off Rex and allow him to play his game," offensive coordinator Ron Turner said.

How will he play in the biggest game of the season for Chicago? "Everyone has their own opinion on me how I'm going to play, how good you think I am," Grossman said. "I'm a pretty confident player. I feel like I can go out there and have a good game. That's all that matters."
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