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Default World Cup 2006

Trying to put together my trip to Germany for the WC....
but I can't decide which games to go to...I can't afford to hit them all, so maybe you guys could help...
So far this is who I'm gonna see:
USA vs. Czech Republic
Brazil vs. Croatia
Germany vs. Poland

Now I need to pick one more game:
USA vs. Italy?
England vs. Trinidad & Tobago?
Sweden vs. Paraguy?

Those are my choices based on dates and logistics.

I'm thinking I'll already have seen USA play, but I'd like to support. And Italy should be a real tough match up.
Then, England has an amazing team and Trinidad is tough this year, but England may blow them out.
And Sweden vs. Paraguy is my sleeper, I think it will be a great match up and I could see Sweden taking the cup in '06 - no joke.

So, anybody got suggestions?

I'm so amped to be going and seeing USA play as well as Brazil and then going to a Germany game....the atmosphere should be bonkers!!
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