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Default Free Baseball Pick - Oakland At Texas - 8-26-06

The free pick run is 57-47 after the Raiders hammered the Lions 21-3 just as predicted.

Tonight, I roll wtih the Oakland A's.

Adam Eaton is a junkball pitcher. The A's feed off guys like that.

They pounded the Rangers last night and Barry Zito pitched a gem. Tonight it is Blanton's turn.

He has beaten the Rangers 2 in a row with a pair of no decisions. Bottom line is the A's are just too hot right and getting this kind of price is too good to pass up.

Eaton just lost to the D'rays and the A's will make it 2 in a row tonight.

It goes from bad to worse for Buck and the Rangers tonight.

(based on a 1 to a 10 ♦ Ratings )

Who is Jeff Benton?

I've been gambling my entire adult life. Understanding the mindset of coaches and players, and the situations they find themselves in daily, is the key to my success. That is what over a decade in this business will do for you. Make you understand the little things.

Look, you've got to realize something about athletes, both collegians and pros: They don't give their all every single game. They just can't. Whether it's a lookahead game, a letdown game, a travel situation or a dozen other scenarios, the situation often dictates a less than 100% effort. As a handicapper, you've got to be able to spot those mismatches - no matter the sport - and that's why I've got the winning edge.

Bottom line: My knowledge of the game is unmatched in this industry. To be a successful handicapper, not only must you know the game, but you must understand exactly what teams are trying to do, and know whether or not they will be able to do it.
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