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Default MLB WEEK PREVIEW Sept 28- Oct 1.06

MLB WEEK PREVIEW Sept 28- Oct 1.06


Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins
Friday through Sunday (Sept. 29 to Oct. 1)
This is one of the few series this weekend that could still have an enormous amount of meaning in both the American League Central race and the AL wild-card race. The Twins were dealt a devastating blow earlier in the month when Francisco Liriano was lost for the season with an elbow injury. But the Twins have been practically a sure bet at home, especially when Johan Santana pitches. He hasnít lost in the dome since the middle of LAST season. Again, your baseball bets will rely completely on who needs these games the most, and that might change nightly. The Twins lead the season series 9-7 and likely will be a sportsbook favorite.

Oakland Aís at Los Angeles Angels
Thursday through Sunday (Sept. 28 to Oct. 1)
Hereís another series where desire will play a huge role. If Oakland has the American League West clinched by the time this series rolls around, you can expect them to start none of their top three starters as they tweak their rotation for the playoffs, thus baseball bettors may want to watch the standings. These two teams will be butting heads a lot in the last two weeks of the season, so keep an eye on emotions as well when checking out sportsbooks. These games are usually low-scoring, and theyíve played each other even all year. The series is tied at six games each.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Cleveland Indians
Thursday through Sunday (Sept. 28 to Oct. 1)
Here are two teams who are playing out the string in a meaningless series. This isnít how the season was supposed to end for the Tribe, who had playoff aspirations after a great 2005 season, but fizzled from the get-go. Their pitching has been very good lately, though, and Tampa Bay has been terrible on the road since the All-Star break, so consider that when making you baseball bets at a sportsbook. Those of you who have heeded my advice about betting large against Tampa Bay on the road have made a small fortune the past two months. Keep it up.

Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees
Friday through Sunday (Sept. 29 to Oct. 1)
The Yankees are so far ahead in the AL East that will have clinched by now and will be in playoff preparation mode. That means no Randy Johnson and Mike Mussina for sure, probably no Chien-Ming Wang, and definitely no Mariano Rivera. You can expect a lot of regulars to be sitting as well, so some long odds on the Blue Jays with your baseball bets might not be a bad thing at a sportsbook. This might be the chance for the Jays to take some momentum into next year, where they are vowing to spend even more money to catch the Yankees and Red Sox in the AL East.

Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox
Friday through Sunday (Sept. 29 to Oct. 1)
Too bad the Red Sox couldnít have played the Orioles even more; they would have cruised to a playoff spot. Boston won 12 of the first 13 games in this series and did it by pounding Baltimore pitching, both on the road and at home. Expect more of the same when considering your baseball bets at a sportsbook and expect a lot of high scoring games as both teams trot out a lot of young pitching, both in the rotation and in the bullpen.

San Diego Padres at Arizona Diamondbacks
Thursday through Sunday (Sept. 28 to Oct. 1)
This four-game series will be huge for the Padres, who have done a great job of hanging tight in the National League West race and the wild-card. There are so many teams involved in the playoff hunt that you just have to expect these four games to be huge. Give a lot of credit to Padres starter Jake Peavy, who shook off a poor start to the season and a sore elbow to become his usual stud self down the stretch. Arizona leads the series 7-5, but look with your baseball bets at a sportsbook toward the Padres, who will definitely play it tough all the way to the finish.

Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals
Thursday through Sunday (Sept. 28 to Oct. 1)
The Cardinals are definitely hoping to be in shut-down mode by the time this series rolls around. They should have the NL Central clinched by the start of this four-game set, especially since no one behind them ever made a move, even though the Cardinals were scuffling along. The Cards lead the season series 6-3, but keep the motivation level in mind here as well. Watch for some great individual performances as well. Even though the Brewers are out of the playoff hunt, certain people have a lot of prove before the season ends. If Ben Sheets gets a start for Milwaukee, go with him on your baseball bets at a sportsbook. Heís recovered well from injuries and would love to post some stats.

Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants
Friday through Sunday (Sept. 29 to Oct. 1)
These two hated rivals have a history of playing meaningful games on the final weekend of the season and usually itís the underdog who wins at a sportsbook, just to mess up the other guy. As tight as the National League West has been all season, it would be great to see this final series mean something as well. Same rule applies here, though. If the Dodgers have clinched, expect a lot of starters to be resting when considering your baseball bets.

Colorado Rockies at Chicago Cubs
Friday through Sunday (Sept. 29 to Oct. 1)
The Cubs stink and you can expect them to go in the tank the last weekend of the year as well. Take the Rockies every day and assume that at least one Cubs player will dog it, another will leave early, and the pitchers will get rocked. This season canít end soon enough for the Cubs and Dusty Baker is sure to be fired within a week of the season ending. The Rockies, with all that good young talent, will continue to play hard through the final out, so load up on them with your baseball bets all weekend at a sportsbook.

Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates
Friday through Sunday (Sept. 29 to Oct. 1)
The Reds have been a major disappointment down the stretch, blowing their wild-card lead by not being able to win on the road. That trend my continue here as well, even though the Reds lead the series 8-5. The Pirates have played them tough all year, so consider that when placing baseball bets at a sportsbook..

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